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We expect that you read the entire terms of Service document and so will fully cooperate with us in using the website for productive and constructive purposes only. The users/customers/advertisers/publishers will be referred to as ‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘they’, ’them’ and ‘theirs’. Adsplendor will be referred to as ‘we’, ’us’, ’our’ and ’ours’. This document will give you a full purview on fruitfully utilizing the Adsplendor website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content, images, links, third-party links, animations, graphics and other important matter on the website is the sole proprietary of Adsplendor. We request that no one except Adsplendor recognized team can use the intellectual property of our website, lest it would be illegal to do such act. If the content is required, then they can do so by taking the necessary permission from the Adsplendor authorized team members. The content of our website should not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes without the consent of the Adsplendor recognized team.

Falsified Impressions/Clicks

Incorrect way of increasing the impressions or clicks is strictly prohibited. Adsplendor has the right tools to conduct a correct and accurate analysis of impressions/clicks. It would be devious, if our customer/advertiser/publisher is using any fake methods to increase the click rate and subsequently these may lead to termination of the account as well. We encourage our customers to kindly rely on us, as we will provide them detailed and correct reports showing the impressions/click rates.

Qualified Sites

We only work with those sites that are qualified in certain aspects. Sites which promote adult content which reflects hedonism, that are harmful, religion centered, hurting people and society’s sentiments in general, will be immediately disqualified. Sites which does not have standard documentation such as the sustainability in their business, how genuine are they in the market, are their products and services fraudulent in any manner, all these factors will be taken into consideration to qualify a site. Sites that offer false promises and any such unfaithful act will be disqualified with immediate effect. Adsplendor has its compliance tactics to check the legibility of a particular site. Our ultimate aim is to take the advertisers and publishers to the next level by providing a proper platform which is legal and free from hassles whatsoever. This not only benefits us, but also our publishers and subscribers. It would be beneficial for both of us if you are compliant with certain norms in order to work with us.

Service Charges

Our subscribers will get a brief overview about the charges you will pay for. There are certain criteria’s to be met, and so gradually a subscriber will get an insight about our relevant rates. However, depending upon the market conditions, we may modify our rates, so we kindly request our subscribers to be updated through mail, site or phone contact.


An advertiser or publisher cannot edit any aspect of websites or ad images or banner ads without a prior approval from Adsplendor, as it is strictly prohibited. However, in certain scenarios if Adsplendor feels that there are some parts that have to be edited, then the editing can be initiated with the consent of Adsplendor.

Payment Terms

The entire payment process will be managed by Adsplendor. Adsplendor has a complete report on the ad performance, with all the necessary statistics and conversions and so it is Adsplendor sole responsibility to pay the required amount to the publishers. However, if we find that there are any misleading practices carried out by either an advertiser or publisher, when it comes to the payment part, then the account of the wrong doer will be immediately terminated, and their payments will be immediately withheld. Adsplendor has a viable and a precise payment process mechanism, which is only for the benefit of the publisher and advertiser. If the advertiser or the publisher has any issue regarding the payments part, then they are free to contact our team and clarify their payment related queries.


If Adsplendor feels that either an advertiser or publisher are not reliable, then Adsplendor has the right to terminate the account, based on the assumption and findings that an advertiser or publisher or both are not reliable enough to carry out the ad related activities.


Our organization does not warrant that all the Adsplendor website functionalities will be error-free, or our servers are free from viruses. We, however undertake stringent mechanisms in order for smooth functioning of our website and servers from other malware, spam ware or notable viruses. However, if by any chance our website is unable to function due to any technical difficulties or there is a virus being affected in our servers, then we should not be held responsible. Our team will try to fix the technical problem as soon as possible, but in the meantime we will not be held responsible for whatever the reason might be. Adsplendor along with its suppliers, third-party sites will not be responsible for any damages, whether it may be related to data, money, content, security, ad images, information or any other sort. In short, we will not be held responsible for any damages.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Adsplendor, its employees, officers, directors, board members, third-party members, agents, suppliers from any claims, losses or demands arising from the appropriate or misappropriate use of the Adsplendor website its content, its images, its links, its ads or any other aspect as such on our website. We also will not be held responsible for any breach arising out in terms of legal and accounting fees. If there is any settlement to be done, then we will send you the notice for the claims on any such matter.


Our terms and conditions document might change certain points/conditions in a future course of time, if need be required. We encourage our advertisers/publishers/users/customers to kindly visit our site frequently, so that they can be updated on the relevant changes that have been made in this particular document. We will also send a mail, so that you can be informed, however, if we are not able to send a mail due to any reason whatsoever, then kindly visit our site.


1. All accounts will be resolved in U.S. dollars ($US). Checks will not be issued until the amount exceeds $100.

2. All the payments will be based on Adsplendor transactions as accounted and assessed by Adsplendor.

3. If the payment exceeds $600 per year, then the affiliate will be paid the amount provided the affiliate has proper tax identification information. It’s a must for every affiliate account to have a matchless taxpayer identification number (TIN), or Social Security Number.

4. A minimum payment of $50 has to be paid, if you opt for PayPal / Skrill (Formerly known as Money Bookers). If the amount is less than $50, then it will be carried on to the next week.

5. Affiliate does have to agree certain norms in order to access Affiliate account as established by Adsplendor, or its contractors.

6. Every Affiliate will be accountable for upholding the right contact and payment information associated with the Affiliate account. This whole process will be carried online by using the Adsplendor Affiliate Manager. Any error whatsoever related to returned or cancelled payment bank/service fees in the Affiliate contact or payment’s information are solely the Affiliate’s responsibility, and concurrently the amount will be deducted from the Affiliate account balance.

CPM Offers :

1. All CPM payments are prepared on a net 30 basis, with a minimum entry of $50 for PayPal / Skrill. Check payments for $100 and wire transfer for $500.

2. All the CPM offers (leader boards, skyscrapers and banners) have to be positioned over the fold on your site Web pages. You cannot run the ad code at the footer of the WebPages.

3. All CPM statistics are displayed subject to the auditing.

4. If the revenue generated by the publisher is less than $3 per month, then Adsplendor is having the right to terminate the account. If a publisher uses any fraudulent methods for increasing the impressions / click rates, then Adsplendor is having the right to terminate the account and the payments will be forfeited as well. Impressions may follow up to 24 hours


1. The payment has to be received before the “due date” mentioned on the invoice sent to the Advertiser. Suppose the date of payment is not a bank related day, then the mentioned date can be deemed as the immediate next bank day.

2. If Advertiser is unable to make the payment to Adsplendor on the DUE DATE mentioned on the invoice, then a remainder will be issued one day after the DUE DATE, that the DUE DATE for the payment has been over. After one week (post DUE DATE) and 15 days (post DUE DATE) the second and third remainder will be issued to the Advertiser respectively. The third message will also be considered as a warning. If still the advertiser doesn’t pay the amount after three consecutive remainders, then the matter will be taken to the attorney’s office, and a legal procedure will be followed. The additional costs will be taken into consideration, and will be discussed at that particular point of time.

3. The date of payment has to be received by Adsplendor (hereinafter referred to as “DUE DATE”). Till it is not specified in an IO, signed by Adsplendor, payments will be considered on a NET30 basis, by either wire or PayPal / Skrill. NET30 is nothing but a maximum of 30 days from the date as specified on the invoice of Adsplendor. All the Adsplendor Invoices will be having a “due date” mentioned on it.

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