Privacy Policy

Information collection

We collect all the relevant and pertinent business and personal related information of our users, publishers and advertisers. We collect and maintain the information so that all the payment and business related transactions are carried out flawlessly and the relationship is maintained harmoniously. Your information will not be shared by anyone excluding the authorized team of Indus Nexus. We also expect that all the pertinent information provided by you is foolproof, so that there will be no hassles whatsoever in a future period of time.

Information Sharing

Depending upon some situations, where there is a benefit to our customers/users/advertisers/publishers, then we will share your information. Sharing your information is mainly for business and promotional purposes, so that it can gain both you and the associate who is interested to partake business with you. But if you feel and want that your information shouldn’t be shared by anyone except Adsplendor team, then you can do so by contacting our team and letting them know about your concern.

Sign-up forms

A sign-up form will be provided to all our members, who are interested to trade with us. We expect that all the boxes mentioned in the sign-up form have to be duly filled in by the member with correct details. We expect that the member doesn’t provide any false details, as the sign-up form will stand cancelled if found with incorrect details. When you want to officially trade with Indus Nexus, then you will be provided with a sign-up form, after filling and signing up, it will be officially declared that you will be trading with Adsplendor business norms. We encourage you to provide only correct information, while filling up the sign-up form. If we find any of your information provided is false, then we have to cancel the application.

Opt-out Option

If an Advertiser/Publisher wants to opt-out from Adsplendor site, then they can do so by opting-out from our site. We carry out a methodical process to precisely evaluate, what where the specific reasons for which the advertiser or publisher has opted out. If the reasons mentioned by the advertiser or publisher can be sorted out, then we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Securing your Information

Adsplendor has a proper security system that helps securing user information. However, if due to any reason whatsoever, the information is not secured due to any technical malfunctions that we will be not held responsible.

Privacy Policy of Advertisers and Publishers

Both Advertisers and publishers who are working with us will be having their own privacy policies to act upon. It would be good for both advertisers and publishers to exchange their privacy policies, so that there can be proper business decorum. We hence expect both advertisers and publishers to abide by their respective privacy policies.

Links to other Websites

Adsplendor has links to other sites as well. If you are interested to check out the links, then you can go for it. However, once you visit their site, you will be in tune with their standards and policies.

Changes to this document

Adsplendor Privacy policy conditions may change in a future period of time. However, there may be some and not all changes that will be done to this particular document. We encourage our users/customers/visitors/advertisers/publishers to visit this link often so that they will be updated on all the changes done. However we may also let you know about the changes made to this document.

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